Alarm raised over BC government plan to outsource its computer nerve-centre to US-owned company

The B.C. government is getting ready to contract out its computer nerve-centre to a U.S. company, says B.C.’s biggest public-sector union.

EDS Advanced Solutions, a B.C. subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard-EDS, is negotiating with the province to operate the mainframe computer servers at the government’s Victoria facility.

The plan concerns FIPA because the USA Patriot Act enables U.S. authorities to access virtually all the information held by US-owned companies.

Potentially, all BC government information — including documents, e-mails, citizens’ names and records, and cabinet documents — could be the subject of a secret requisition order under the USA Patriot Act.

FIPA is investigating the issue further and will report shortly.

Article, The Province

BCGEU news release