Attend Western Canada’s most important privacy training event of 2003!

Is your organization ready to comply with Canada’s new privacy legislation?

By January 1. 2004, every business, trade union and non-profit organization in Western Canada will be required to implement a Personal Information Protection Act – either federal or provincial. These acts will enforce new standards and practices for protecting the privacy of personal information in the private sector.

Get ready to meet the January 2004 deadline — attend this vital training event!

The new wave of privacy protection in Canada: Understanding and Implementing the New Legislation

November 24 & 25, 2003
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Vancouver, B.C.

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Learn how new federal and provincial privacy laws will affect the way you handle customer, client, employee, and health care information.

Special workshops for managers, marketers, and the health care sector.
Hear top officials and leading experts including:

  • Hon. Sandy Santori, Minister of Management Services, Government of B.C.
  • David Loukidelis, Information & Privacy Commissioner of BC
  • Frank Work, Information & Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
  • Heather Black, Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  • Alec Campbell, Executive Director, Privacy Policy & Assessment, Office of the CIO/Alberta
  • Anita Fineberg, Corporate Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, IMS Health Canada
  • Brian Foran, Director, Privacy Division, Office of Health and the Information Highway, Health Canada
  • Robin Gould-Soil, Corporate Privacy Officer, TD Bank Financial Group
  • Erik Grados, Manager of Privacy Compliance, Air Canada
  • Mike Gurski, Senior Technology Advisor, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario
  • Mike Leavy, Snr Mgr, Information Standards & Architecture, BC Ministries of Health
  • Amanda Maltby, Vice President, Public Affairs, Canadian Marketing Association
  • Drew McArthur, Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer, TELUS
  • Roger McConchie, Regional Coordinator, Borden Ladner Gervais Privacy Group
  • Chris Norman, Executive Director, Government Information Strategies, Policy & Legislation, Ministry of Management Services/BC
  • Stephanie Perrin, President, Digital Discretion Inc.
  • Murray Rankin, Q.C., Barrister & Solicitor, Arvay Finlay
  • Brendan Seaton, CEO, CareLink Incorporated; Chief Privacy & Security Officer, Ontario Smart Systems for Health
  • Tom Thackeray, Executive Director, Information Management, Access and Privacy, Alberta Government Services

Presented by:
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association

Co-sponsored by:
The Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC
The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
Ministry of Management Services, BC
Canadian Marketing Association
The Commonwealth Centre for E-Governance
NetPersist Solutions Group Inc.
Pacific Blue Cross/ BC Life & Casualty
Harper Grey Easton
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
VanCity Savings Credit Union
IMS Health Canada
The Pace Group

Why this training is vital to your organization’s future

By January 1. 2004, every business and non-profit organization in Western Canada will be covered by a Personal Information Protection Act – either federal or provincial. These acts will enforce new standards and practices for protecting the privacy of personal information in the private sector.

A breach of the privacy rights of an employee, client or customer under the new legislation can lead to court-imposed penalties of up to $100,000, as well as damages. Most importantly, a violation of privacy laws can severely damage the reputation of an organization.

The new laws will require organizations to:

  • Collect, use and disclose the personal information of clients/customers, employees and donors according to specific rules;
  • Ensure adequate policies and procedures are in place to protect personal information as the law requires; and
  • Create an internal process to handle inquiries, complaints and requests from people for access to their own information.

This conference will give you the understanding and tools to comply with the new laws

  • The basics of the new privacy laws (both federal and provincial)
  • Practical tools for implementing these principles on a daily basis.

Special tracks on day two for managers, marketers, and the health care sector

Learn how the new privacy laws will apply to your specific sector.

Managers – Track A: What every manager needs to know about the new privacy legislation

  • The nuts & bolts of privacy Law
  • Developing A Privacy Policy
  • Managing consent requirements
  • Handling access requests and privacy complaints
  • Managing your systems and records for compliance
  • Your privacy action plan

Health sector – Track B: The impact of the new privacy laws on the health care sector

  • The Basics of Private Sector Privacy Legislation
  • Which legislation applies where
  • Managing Consent Requirements
  • Electronic health records and networks: Clearing the privacy hurdle

Marketing – Track C: The impact of the new privacy laws on marketing and e-commerce

  • Privacy policies and practices
  • Identifying purposes and obtaining consent
  • Handling customer inquiries, complaints and access requests
  • Privacy and e-commerce

Plus special sessions on:

  • The impact of privacy legislation on employment and the workplace
  • Privacy and security- technological solutions
  • How to reap the benefits, reduce the risks, and avoid the legal liabilities of privacy laws

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