BC FIPA publishes “Personal Health Information and the Right to Privacy in Canada: An overview of statutory, common law, voluntary and constitutional privacy protection”




Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services (QC)Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (QC)Bill 40 (AB)Bill C-6Canadian Medical AssociationCivil Code of QuebecHealth InformationHealth Information AccessHealth Information Act (AB)Health Information CollectionHealth Information ConfidentialityHealth Information DisclosureHealth Information OwnershipHealth Information PrivacyHealth Information Protection Act (SK)Health Information SecurityHealth Information UseHealth Professions Act (BC)Hospital Act (BC)Hunter v. Southam (SCC)Knowledge Notification & JustificationLaw ReformMcInerney Decision (SCC)Medicare Protection Act (BC)Patient's Right of AccessPersonal Health Information Act (MB)Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents ActPHIA (MB)PIPA (NB)PIPEDA (Fed)Principle of Informed ConsentPrivacy Act (Fed)Privacy as a Human RightQuebec Charter of Human Rights and FreedomsR. v. Mills (SCC)R. v. O’Connor (SCC)R. v. Osolin (SCC)R. v. Plant (SCC)Right to PrivacySection 15 of the CharterSection 7 of the CharterSection 8 of the CharterSources of Privacy LawSources of Privacy Policy