Federal government consultations on C-51

The federal government has taken a while to get moving on its election promise to make amendments to Bill C-51, but it now looks like things may be starting to stir.

There have been a number of false starts to date. For example, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, writing in the Huffington Post in early June stated that “In a discussion paper soon to be published, we will describe the laws and procedures which currently exist to protect Canadians against terrorist threats and how they evolved over the past 15 years since 9/11 — up to and including the impact of C-51.”

To date, there has been no sign of the promised discussion paper, nor the promised wide ranging consultation on national security issues.

However, a spokesperson for the Public Safety Minister told iPolitics.ca earlier this week that the consultation would be coming “…most likely before Parliament resumes.”

The House of Commons is scheduled to return Monday September 19.

It will be interesting to see what the government proposes by way of amendments to C-51, in light of the Liberal party’s commitment to amend but not repeal the much criticized legislation.

FIPA and our allies in the fight against the draconian legislation will be taking an active role in the coming debate.