FIPA and BCCLA file joint submissions on police Information issues

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC is conducting an investigation into police information checks, due to concern that the information currently included in police checks is so broad that it is almost impossible to imagine circumstances that would justify releasing it to potential employers.

We have some major concerns with the kinds of information released in these checks, so we are pleased to see an investigation taking place. We and the BC Civil Liberties Association sent our joint submission to the Commissioner yesterday (available here).

It’s the second one we have written in the past week. Commissioner Denham also sought public comment on whether the two associations of chiefs of police should be covered by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

We are of the view that these associations should be covered by the Act for reasons of transparency and administrative efficiency.

You can read our joint submission, which was sent in last Friday, here.