FIPA contributes to new environmental law collection

The UVic Environmental Law Centre, in collaboration with West Coast Environmental Law, Ecojustice and numerous BC lawyers, has just published a potential environmental law reform agenda for the next provincial government. Maintaining SuperNatural BC for our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals can be downloaded for free from

FIPA’s Executive Director Vincent Gogolek, in collaboration with well-known information rights lawyer Murray Rankin, contributed to this exciting new collection with a chapter entitled “Reforming Information Law.” The chapter lays out key changes that must be made to our province’s access and transparency systems if we are to have the tools to hold government to account for its actions.

Other chapters deal with issues like protection for whistleblowers and eliminating SLAPP suits.

Any citizen interested improving BC’s environmental and transparency laws should read this book. The entire book – highlighted with cartoons and stunning photography – is online. A limited number of free hard copies of the book are also available from the Environmental Law Centre.

Download today!