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For more than thirty years, FIPA has worked tirelessly to defend and expand the reach of freedom of information, and to protect the information rights of British Columbians. As a law-centered organization, legal research is an important component of all of FIPA’s program areas.

FIPA consistently applies legal research methodology in all its program activities. This includes:

  • ensuring strong representation and review by legal professionals and academics familiar with relevant case law and legal research practices
  • analysis of legislation, rulings, and orders
  • projects on specific access to information and privacy related matters through a combination of staff, contract, and pro bono contributors

In addition to conducting and commissioning our own studies, we supply research support in areas within our mandate to lawyers, journalists, students, and the public.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of people like you. Your donation helps to fund FIPA’s legal research. You help us stay independent and keep these resources available to everyone. Every contribution – big, small, one-time, or recurring – makes a difference. Please consider supporting this work here.

We collect as little personal information as possible to allow processing of this secure transaction with this privacy policy. Please note FIPA is a non-profit but is not a charity, we cannot provide a tax receipt for your donation.

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