FIPA weighs in on Privacy Act, PIPEDA reforms

FIPA weighs in on Privacy Act, PIPEDA reforms

FIPA has been active regarding federal privacy law, appearing twice before the Commons ATI, Ethics and Privacy (ETHI) committee over the past few months.

The Committee was looking into proposal for reform of the 1980s vintage Privacy Act, and asked FIPA to appear to provide input into their deliberation. We provided both a written submission and oral testimony from our Executive Director.

FIPA also appeared on short notice as one of the first witnesses on the Committee’s latest work, which is looking at potential reform of the Personal Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act, or PIPEDA as it is more commonly known. PIPEDA governs the for profit private sector under federal jurisdiction, and also in provinces which (unlike BC) do not have their own substantially similar legislation.

Treasury Board President Scott Brison, who is the Minister responsible for the Access to Information Act has promised new legislation “this winter”, so FIPA may once again be making our voice heard on important information and privacy legislation.

The report can be found here.