FOI Release: Ministry of Health data breach final release

In response to OIPC order F14-45, the release of all data sharing and other agreements between January 1, 2011 and August 2, 2012 involving MoH and Rebecca Warburton, William Warburton, Malcolm Maclure and Colin Dormuth; all correspondence between these individuals and the Ministry related to these agreements, particularly discussions of delays or other impediments to access to data for research purposes; any emails, memos or other notices to staff from the ADM, IM/IT Division regarding delays or other impediments to release of data to researchers during the same period, along with any policy changes relating to release of data to researchers.

The release is in three parts- click to download the documents:

Part One (p. 1-189)

Part Two (p. 190-245)

Part Three (p. 246-440)