Medical Privacy: New website will help public navigate mounting confusion over health privacy rights in BC

FIPA has created a website called “Health Information Privacy in British Columbia” to fill a serious lack of information available to the public about their health privacy rights as the province moves toward a universal system of government-
controlled electronic health records.

British Columbia has launched a multi-million dollar program to create an electronic health record for every person in British Columbia who receives health care services. The resulting system will be the most ambitious program of personal information
aggregation and sharing ever created in BC. It will radically change the way personal health information is accessed, managed and disclosed, and fundamentally affect everyone’s privacy rights regarding their most sensitive personal information.

The transformation to e-Health is being promoted by a government-funded advertising campaign but with very little information about how it will affect privacy rights.

The Health Information Privacy website will help fill that gap, providing basic information about:

  • how the privacy laws in B.C. work,
  • where personal health information flows within the health system,
  • when you can block people from seeing your health information, and
  • what health care providers in B.C. are allowed to do with personal health information.

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