FIPA Mini-Bulletin: June 2015

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FIPA Mini-Bulletin: June 2015

The past month has been action-packed at FIPA.

At the Federal level, the passing of Bill C-51 in the Senate and the Conservative Government’s retroactive attack on access to information through the C-59 Omnibus Bill set the tone for the month.

In BC, allegations were made by a former executive assistant to the Minister of Transportation that he was ordered to delete Highway of Tears email records and an ATI request by the Vancouver Sun revealed that there was never a real RCMP criminal investigation into the BC Ministry of Health firings in 2012. Find out what FIPA and some of our friends had to say about these issues – and more – by clicking on the links below.

FIPA’s News
Huffington Post blog: ‘Information Crime’ Big Theme In B.C. Spring 2015 Session

FIPA asks Information Commissioner to investigate BC Government conduct in Ministry of Health hearing

FIPA posts submissions from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Hearing on the Ministry of Health firings

FIPA letter to Prime Minister Harper: Retroactivity in Bill C-59

Bill C 59 meme: Stephen Harper goes back in time to undo crime. Not exactly as illustrated.

New decisions are a major victory for FOI requesters

Other News

The BC Teachers’ Federation backgrounder on Bill 11 and Student Privacy

Open Media’s “Kill Bill C 51” action site

Michael Geist speaks out on privacy and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

B.C. Grand Chief: Federal Government Destroyed Land-Claim Emails