NEWS RELEASE: 2020 Information Summit launches September 30

VANCOUVER, September 17, 2020 – The Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA) is pleased to announce the details for our Information Summit 2020 and our first events slated to be held during Right to Know week. 

In prior years, Information Summit has been an opportunity for speakers and professionals to gather, network and explore issues and concepts around information, transparency and privacy. COVID-19 means the all-day conference is not happening, but the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of great speakers on topics that matter remains.  

“Trust through Transparency” is the theme of Info Summit 2020. It will be a series of online Microsoft Teams meetings capped at 250 participants each, held over lunch. Registrants will be able to join, hear brief presentations, and our moderators will facilitate questions from attendees. We have some great speakers and panels in the queue, with more to be announced in the weeks ahead. 

Starting today you’ll be able to register to participate in: 

Transparency and privacy during COVID – September 30th  

BC Information and Privacy Commissioner Michael McEvoy kicks things off. He will be focusing on transparency and privacy in the context of COVID-19 along with recent work at the OIPC. Given the impacts we’ve seen through this global pandemic be sure to sign up for this event quickly.  

Register and view events details here. 

Troubling Clouds – October 1st  

FIPA’s latest report is titled: Troubling Clouds: Gaps affecting privacy protection in British Columbia’s K-12 education system. This meeting is a virtual face to face with report author Matthew A. J. Levine as he details his findings and recommendations that impact anyone in K-12. The report exposes that whether in the classroom or online BCs patchwork approach impacts the privacy of kids, educator and parents in the system. 

Register and view events details here. 

Learn more about the released report here. 

You will need to register through Eventbrite to guarantee your space. Our first event with the Commissioner is free. Each subsequent meeting will have a flat registration fee of $30.  

Information Summit only happens through generous contributions of time and money from people and organizations. FIPA would like to thank all those whose support helps us deliver quality programming focused on your data and your rights.  

Jason Woywada, Executive Director 
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association 
(T): 604-739-9788 

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