Toolkit for Access to Personal Records

We have put together model letters to help citizens access and correct the personal information held by the Federal and BC governments.


Personal Information:

Request for Personal Information from BC Gov’t

Request for Personal Information from Federal Gov’t



Request for Correction of Personal Information Held by BC Gov’t

Request for Correction of Personal Info Held by Federal Gov’t


Reviewing (Appealing) if not satisfied with the response to your request:

Request for Review (Appeal) of a Request for Personal Information from the BC Gov’t

Request for Review (Appeal) of a Request for Personal Info from the Federal Gov’t

Speech to the BC Library Association on Bill 38 – Personal Information Protection Act – May 30, 2003

Darrel Evans, executive director of BC FIPA, was in Victoria today to deliver a speech at the BC Library Association Annual Conference on Bill 38, BC’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

After extensive consultation and input from organizations like BC FIPA, Bill 38 has turned into a real privacy bill what BC FIPA describes as an “enormous leap for privacy rights.”

However, there are still concerns, especially with regards to the drastic cuts made to the budget of the Information and Privacy Commissioner who will oversee PIPA.

There are also areas that could be improved such as issues like grandfathering, exceptions to consent, reduced rights of employees, limits to access and correction provisions, and the broad exception for the loosely defined “investigative purposes”.

On the whole, BC FIPA believes the legislation to be a very good one. Hopefully, the government will use this constructive criticism to make the bill even better.

Read the full text of the speech (pdf)

Release May 02, 2003: Creation of Personal Information Protection Act

Legislation introduced this week by the BC Liberals is an enormous leap for privacy rights, but BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner must have adequate resources to enforce it. The Personal Information Protection Act will require every private-sector organization in British Columbia to institute a privacy code regulating the way they collect, use and disclose the personal information of clients, customers and employees.

Download release here.