Piecemeal repeal of FIPPA?

There has been a lot of discouraging news on the FOI and privacy front recently as a raft of new legislation introduced in the last couple of weeks undercuts the law protecting our FOI and privacy rights.

All four bills have been criticized by provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham in an unprecedented barrage of letters from her office. Yet her concerns, along with those raised by FIPA and others, have fallen on deaf ears. Questions about why changes to institutions like PharmaCare require an expansion in the government’s ability to collect, use, and disclose sensitive personal information, similarly, have gone unanswered.

FIPA has just sent a letter to Premier Clark asking why her government feels it necessary to undertake this piecemeal repeal of the information rights of British Columbians. The full text of that letter can be downloaded as a PDF here.

For some background on the controversy that has arisen over this legislation, and what FIPA has been saying about it, check out the following links:

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