Revised Bylaws, Constitution and SGM

Mark your calendars—the Special General Meeting is only one week away! Here, we will be voting in new directors to the board, and amending our current bylaws and constitution in compliance with the new BC Societies Act.

At the SGM, members of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association will be asked to vote on a revised Constitution and bylaws for the Society. This is happening because on November, 28, 2016, a new Societies Act will come into effect, thereby replacing the decades-old Act. As a registered BC society, we are affected by these changes.

One of our board members has provided a background piece highlighting the important changes mandated by the new legislation, as well as changes we are proposing to update our existing bylaws.

Our revised bylaws and constitution can also be found here.  If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to contact us.