UPDATE Election 2017: BC Party Leaders’ Responses to FIPA’s Election Questionnaire


This Just In: Liberals, NDP and Greens respond to FIPA’s election questionnaire.

Just in time for next week’s vote, we are pleased to reveal the responses we received from all three major parties to our election questionnaire.

This is the detailed statement of positions on information, privacy, and other issues that have not had much exposure in the leaders debate or in the parties’ main platforms.

If FOI and privacy are important to you in choosing who to vote for, check out what the parties themselves have said, in their own words. We have also prepared a concise summary of what each is promising.

We thank all three parties for taking the time to set out what appear to be carefully considered responses to these important questions.

To see our questions, click here.

Click here to see the BC Liberals’ response.

Click here to see the BC NDP’s response.

Click here to see the BC Green Party’s response.