Wishing Vincent all the best in his retirement!

After 8 years as FIPA’s Executive Director, we would like to wish Vincent Gogolek all the best in his retirement!

Our long-serving and much-celebrated Executive Director, Vincent Gogolek, retired in February. Vince served as FIPA’s Executive Director from 2011-2018, and as Program Director from 2008-2010. In his time with FIPA, and especially in his capacity as ED, Vince played the lead role in both the everyday work of the association and in FIPA’s numerous public engagements. He acted as the public face of the Association in the media, and in this capacity he frequently appeared on local, regional, and national media programs to discuss issues related to government transparency and privacy rights. He also prepared numerous briefs for parliamentary bodies and appeared before these bodies to make representations on behalf of FIPA.

During the time that I have been involved with FIPA, I have often heard us described as an organization that ‘punches above its weight’. I believe this to be true, and I believe that it is, in no small part, a reflection of Vince’s experience, vision, and leadership. He approached his work with a mix of energy (reflecting his deep personal and professional commitments to government transparency and accountability) and careful consideration (reflecting decades of experience and a deep understanding of government institutions and processes). He knew how and when to move quickly on emerging issues, and how and when to contribute to long-term law reform efforts. He was also adept at forming and participating in coalitions and campaigns that bring FIPA into partnership with other civil society associations and organizations.

In a fitting tribute to a career dedicated to the protection and extension of information and privacy rights, the Privacy & Access Council of Canada recently announced that Vince was one of two 2018 recipients of a PACC Fellowship, in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the Canadian FOI field.

FIPA grew in important ways during Vince’s tenure, and we remain well-positioned to continue and extend our research, advocacy, and public education efforts. On behalf of the Board of Directors, the FIPA Staff, and the Members of this Society, I thank Vince for the vision, leadership, and tenacity he brought to FIPA. We wish him all the best in his retirement. I invite you to join us at this year’s Annual General Meeting, when we will have the opportunity to celebrate Vince’s contributions.



Mike Larsen
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association

Also, in an interview with the Tyee, Vince looks back at his time with BC FIPA but also to the future. Here’s the interview with Vince and Andrew MacLeod at the Tyee.