OIPC decision (F08-07) in IBM contract disclosure dispute – 24 Jul 2008

The Information and Privacy Commissioner, David Loukidelis, has filed his decision regarding the impact of third party requests for review in the ongoing IBM contract disclosure dispute. BC FIPA was the original applicant in the FOI request.

“The Ministry and the third party, IBM, argued that IBM’s request for review of the Ministry’s decision to disclose information that IBM says is protected by s. 21 freezes the Ministry’s duty under ss. 7 and 8 of FIPPA to respond to the applicant’s access request respecting other access exceptions. This position, which relies on interpretation of s. 7(6), is not tenable. Nor is the assertion of the Ministry and IBM, respecting s. 54(b), that the access applicant is not an “appropriate person” to participate in the inquiry regarding the s. 21 issue. The applicant is an appropriate person and can participate in the inquiry into the Ministry’s s. 21 decision. There is no prejudice to IBM in the applicant’s participation in the inquiry. The Ministry is directed to provide the applicant with its response to the applicant’s request.”

Download decision from BC FIPA site (pdf).

Download decision from OIPC site (pdf).

Decision F08-07
July 24, 2008
[2008] B.C.I.P.C.D. No. 25 (QuickLaw)
British Columbia (Labour and Citizens’ Services), 2008 CanLII 41155 (BC IPC)

BC FIPA’s proposed reforms of BC’s FOIPP Act — Aug 2005

BC FIPA endorses most of the recommendations for reform of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP Act) presented in the two reports Enhancing the Province’s Public Sector Access and Privacy Law (Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2004) and Privacy and the USA Patriot Act (the report of the Information and Privacy Commissioner on the privacy implications of public sector outsourcing).

BC FIPA was asked to present its shortlist of priorities for reform of the FOIPP Act. While BC FIPA urges the government to take a comprehensive approach to updating and reforming the Act, including full consideration of the reports mentioned above and our own submissions, here are BC FIPA’s top priorities.

Read BC FIPA’s proposed reforms (pdf).