BC FIPA’s Submission on NAFTA Consultation

July 18, 2017

FIPA’s Submission on NAFTA Consultation

With the US government’s extremely concerning list of objectives for the upcoming NAFTA negotiations put forth yesterday by the US Trade Representative, BC FIPA has sent Minister Freeland and Global Affairs Canada our submission regarding the dangers facing our information and privacy rights in the coming NAFTA negotiations.

BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act has been identified as a trade barrier by the Americans, who are looking to eliminate domestic data storage laws. Our information and privacy rights must not become a bargaining chip in negotiations about trade in goods and services. Read our submission in full here.

We also have an article in Policy Options that further highlights the importance of protecting domestic data storage laws. You can read it here.


October 3, 2017

BC FIPA submitted a written submission to the Standing Committee on International Trade highlighting the importance of domestic data storage laws, and how they must be protected during the NAFTA renegotiations. See our submission in full here.